Opening Lines

AKA chat-up-lines; but this is online, so not quite the traditional boy-approaches-girl-in-a-bar situation.

The basic premise of online dating is that you meet people you don’t know. With this in mind, you have nothing to lose when starting a conversation with someone.

This can be both good and bad.


because if you are the one to initiate a conversation and they decide not to reply, hey ho, nothing lost, so what?


because, with this lack of personal embarrassment, almost anything goes:

Straight to the point:


    • ‘Fancy hooking up?’


    ‘We should go on a date’

Trying to spark some interest:


    ‘Can I ask you something…?’



    • ‘You win at being hot’

Or my personal favourite – Innuendos:


      • [Talking about flicking through photos on Tinder]:


      • Him: ‘You know something I could flick?’


      • Me: ‘Tell me’


      • Him: ‘Your bean?’


      • Me: ‘Oh my. How forward’


      • Him: ‘No point ferreting around the bushes :p’


      • [Talking about going to the pub, but I’m currently busy]:


      • Him: ‘Oh c’mon. I’ll let you sit on my face?’

Tinder is heralded as ‘the hooking up app’. So I suppose why not assume that everyone is on there for a good time, and say it as it is? The worse that will happen is you are ‘unmatched’; the best being you get a shag.

But surely, with being paid subscription only and POF having the option to pay for an upgrade, you’d expect men to be of a higher calibre on these sites?!

Or maybe men are fed up with dead-end conversations with girls; slowly getting to know them over messages, showing interest in what they did this weekend, only to be blown-off for their date because the girl became ‘ill’.

In which case, fair enough.

Image from Pexels.

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