Keeping Busy

It’s great being busy; there’s no time to worry about being single forever and ever.

At uni we had 4 hours of lectures a week; that’s a lot of time to waste on Tinder, wandering around town, staring at all the attractive guys and sinking into a deep depression that you will never find love. At least with my new job I barely have time to daydream about Prince Charming. With all the work and new friends, being single is fun again – mainly because I’m getting to know new people; much like dating someone new.

And if a potential partner does come along, it’s good to be less-available; helps me to pretend I’m not massively keen.

But with no free time, there’s a concern that I won’t meet someone. People constantly say ‘you meet someone when you least expect to’ and that’s all very well, but I definitely won’t meet anyone whilst buried deep in filing or reading about the latest approach to effective teamwork. I suppose that’s what Tinder is for – immediate access to hot locals.

  • But I’m finding Tinder boring.
    People never talk on the app any more. Surely that just defeats the point? Or is it all about ego-boosting?

One friend confessed that she only got the app to see how many ‘matches’ she could get. Honest, yes. Short-lived? Yes. There’s a slight tingle in your tummy when that message pops up (Congratulations, you and so-and-so have liked each other), but then that swiftly subsides when followed by days, weeks, even months of silence. And that’s when they get ‘unmatched’; the equivalent of deleting someone’s number off your phone, ‘unfriend’-ing them on Facebook, and deleting them from your Snapchat.

So what’s the point in having this instant access if people aren’t going to use it like it’s meant to be used? We don’t all have the time to pose in swanky bars on a Friday and Saturday night, surrounded by attractive girlfriends, laughing with bright red lips, head thrown-back, hair swooshing elegantly and delicate hands brushing a friend’s arm, spotted by the love-of-your-life across the room.

Keeping busy is great for happiness, not so great for starting a love-affair.


Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash

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