It’ll be Lonely this Christmas…

Single at Christmas – joyous or horrendous?

On one hand, it’s a very sociable time of year with Christmas parties and dinners and lots of opportunities to meet exciting new people. On the other hand, most of these parties and dinners are filled with couples or old relatives asking if you’ve ‘got a boyfriend yet?‘ and you respond ‘no‘ for the third year running.

There are also lots of good things on TV, meaning you can watch Love Actually for the 100th time by the second week of December and there’s no-one by your side to whinge. But there’s no-one by your side to cuddle up to, which is a bit of a bugger. Consuming a whole bottle of red wine and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s alone isn’t ideal. Yet there’s no-one to judge you for putting on a bit of ‘winter-weight’.

You have no obligation to buy the mother-in-law a ‘Waterstones Recommends‘ book, or a father-in-law a pair of M&S socks, but you also have no-one to buy you that beautiful necklace you’ve had your eye on or someone to run-away from the boring work-do with.

I suppose it depends on your views towards Christmas. If you’re apathetic towards it and would rather stay away from all the happy people, thinking ‘bah-humbug’ then you’ll probably be alright trudging through December alone. However, if you’re like me and fanatical about Christmas, then it’s the worst time in the year to be single. Two years ago, on Christmas Eve, I split up from my boyfriend of seven years. Although it was my decision, the sadness over the Christmas period was mainly due to breakup blues, rather than explicitly about being single over the holidays. Last year I couldn’t quite believe I was still single. I remember telling my sisters that ‘I’ll definitely have a boyfriend by next Christmas‘. With 16 sleeps ’til Christmas, I’m not counting my eggs…

But things aren’t all bad; the new job is going well, I’m crazy-busy all the time (see ‘Keeping Busy’ below) and have some fun things planned for Christmas.

Mud really should have called the song, ‘It’ll be Lonely this January’ as that’s when the shit hits the fan. Everyone abstains from drinking, no-one has any money and all the couples seem to stay indoors, cuddling together.

So this is a plea to my friends: please don’t forget about your Festive Friend come January, being single at this time of year wasn’t the plan.


Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

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