Disappearing Acts…

Sometimes people disappear when they have a new relationship.
Sometimes people disappear even if they’ve been with their partner for a long time.
Other times, people can live in an all-consuming bubble of happiness where their only concern is for the one they love.

This is fine if you’re the one disappearing from the face of the planet and living in a warm and cosy bubble. But not okay if you’re the one being ditched.

    Yet it’s not just people in relationships who disappear.

There have been times I’ve been chatting to guys on Tinder, or whatever, and we’ve been messaging, texting etc (sometimes back and forth constantly all day), and then there is just silence.


Really, what is that all about? I’ve looked back over messages to see if I said something wrong, but I can honestly say I didn’t. It’s very, very odd. And it happens more often than I feel it should.

Are people too worried to say they’re no longer interested? Make up any excuse; I’m not so sure that silence is better.

It even happens out and about. You could be at the bar speaking with someone fab, you pop to the loo and come back to an empty bar.

Where are all these people going?
Is there a fun party going on and I’m not invited?

I’m aware I’m single. Let’s not rub it in.


Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

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