Much to my dismay, tonight’s Speed-Dating event was cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

My track-record of cancelled dates is growing rapidly.

During the day, I’ve been considering what kind of circumstances this could entail.  I’m hoping there’s an issue with the venue: a power-cut, problems with the plumbing, or a broken window.  It would be concerning if it was due to limited attendance… very unfortunate for a speed-dating night (whilst also confirming my friend and I are the only single people in Brighton).

People say things happen for a reason and that the Universe must be trying to tell me something.  Let’s assume everyone booked onto the night would have behaved like a prize arsehole or were all deeply unattractive.  I’m certainly not going to believe it if the message is that I’m destined to be single forever!

At least it means there’s no chance of being hungover at work tomorrow, and I can catch up with 4oD and BBC iPlayer (although, both are considerably duller than meeting new people and drinking wine).

Turns out the reason for the cancellation is new management at the venue.  (Obviously not a fan of singletons).

Despite setback after setback, I remain hopeful.  I need to keep kissing frogs until I find Prince Charming; starting with re-booking Speed Dating.

Photo by John Jason on Unsplash

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