Let’s do this!

My attitude towards being single has got out of hand; I need to shrink ‘ohmygodI’mstillsingleandprobablywillbeforever‘ back down to ‘I’msingle!:)‘. ¬†It’s getting a bit out of hand and I need to stop¬†feeling down about being on my own, and need to remember how great it felt to be newly single and 21 a few years ago….


When your relationship status has been ‘single’ for over a couple of years, you have to really consider whether it’s you who’s doing something wrong. And this is why I took the risk and asked my friends what I do that has resulted in me remaining single. Naturally, they said ‘nothing’. Then I asked my sister….


I think I miss you.  Then when we chat, I secretly hate you and feel bad about myself.  Then you suggest we meet and I feel crap after I see you. So the new plan of action is not to text you or call you.  To be aloof.  And when you call, I’ll be busy,…

There’s this friend

and she brings me back to reality. On the rare occasions when I go through mopey times of self-pity, my friend brings be back to earth. Babe, you need to chill about being single. She’s right. Why is it that boys make such a difference to my happiness?  As a very happy-go-lucky person, it annoys…