An Experiment – Part Two

About 6 months ago I conducted an experiment. I propositioned all my matches on Tinder with the line ‘Tell me something interesting’ and drew these conclusions: the majority of men on Tinder are boring, fewer will say anything to have a shag and even fewer are actually interesting (click here to see the post).

I’m now repeating the experiment – for validity, of course.

You see, Tinder is back.  Over the weekend, one of my close friends – namely, one key single ally dropped a bomb: she has left Singles Club.  Devastating news.  I now consist of 50% of Singles Club membership; myself and another close friend.  As of yet, 2015 has been a year of worse and worse luck with men, so I chose to re-download Tinder – really just for a giggle so I have more fuel for my blogs.  This evening I asked the question again, in various forms:

Hi  ___.  Surprise me with something interesting about you 🙂 x

Hi ___.  What’s the most interesting thing about you?  X

Hi ___, can you surprise me with something I wouldn’t guess about you? X

Surprise me with something about yourself 🙂 x

I’ll let you know the stats…

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