What do you want?

A friend of mine recently got dumped.  But if you ask me, it was a blessing in disguise.

They had been going out for a few months and they had the odd rocky patch, but overall it was pretty perfect; they loved each other [he said ‘I love you’ first],  they were off to Paris before Christmas [his idea], they had discussed the future of their relationship [he was keen to share a flat] – until he wasn’t.  And he broke it off.  For no good reason.

My friend’s man went from Mr Perfect to Mr Knobhead in one swift move.

With no sound reason for the breakup and total blockage of technological communication, my friend is left rather in the dark.  And frankly, so am I.  How and why can someone go from planning romantic trips away with someone to suddenly not wanting to be with that person?  As far as she’s aware, there’s no one else (an obvious reason), and their relationship was moving along as usual, so no huge changes.  So what happened?

Bugger working that one out.  He’s completely not worth it.

And so why is this dickish behaviour a blessing in disguise?  Because if he chooses to be an arsehole in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, imagine how much of a total bellend he’d be after 1, 3 or 5 years…!

She’s single again.  And not happy about it.  But she’s a catch, and can definitely do better than someone who makes plans and can’t keep them.


Photo by Anthony from Pexels.

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