I thought I knew exactly what I was looking for: a man who was a few years older, on the path of a good career, driven, wealthy, intelligent, gorgeous, social, funny, great in bed.  And then I met this guy.  Who didn’t tick all the boxes. 

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over three months now.  And I’ve been really happy, despite his apparent shortcomings.  Mutual friends were surprised when we got together as we’re completely different, but we work and have a blast.  He’s attractive, fun and the nicest guy I know.  I’ve laughed all weekend, every weekend we’ve spent together (sadly it can’t be more because we live an hour away from each other), every time we see each other we have fabulous sex and we have so much fun together.

I don’t know if it will be forever, but for now, it’s perfect.  And what he’s shown me is that a kind, funny man is so much more than a ‘good-on-paper’ guy.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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  1. Funny how that happens.


  2. My husband is NOTHING that I was looking for, and turned out to be EVERYTHING that I wanted and needed. 🙂

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