Looking back at older posts, I’m reminded of the promises I made to my future partner (see: I promise).

So far I’ve held true to them; I don’t wear scarves to pubs, nor trackies to bars (or ever for that matter), nor do I wear Doc Martins to house parties (probably because I don’t own any).  What I do do is: wear dresses and heels, wear matching underwear daily and give 110% during sex (this is a new promise I think is important).


It’s been 6 months of relationship bliss and so far so good.  I’ve also thought of some new promises:

  • to always stick up for your boyfriend in front of his cocky mates
  • to allow him time for himself
  • to compromise.


Any other promises we should make to keep our relationships going?


Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

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