Last night I was at the pub with my boyfriend and two of his male friends.  During the conversation, one of the friends mentioned he’d slept with another guy.  My boyfriend and the other friend were completely shocked; this guy was a self-confessed ‘man-whore’ and slept with many, many women.  The guys posed him with tonnes of questions – he was rather coy about it, saying that he didn’t enjoy it; ‘but would you do it again?‘ – ‘sex is sex‘.  I liked his attitude.  As a particularly immature bloke, this seemed strangely mature.  I was also impressed he told us (my boyfriend and the other guy can be a tough audience), but I was shocked at how my boyfriend reacted.  He brought it up a few more times over the next hour, saying how he couldn’t believe it and had a face of general disbelief.


The conversation strayed to who’s done what with who, and whether I’d done anything with a girl and the reaction was completely different.  I wonder why guys are more comfortable with girls getting together than guys getting together.  I don’t think it’s a case of straight men being attracted to girls, and so this is a more sexually-acceptable thought, but rather why straight men are more phased by male homosexual encounters; particularly those of friends…


Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash



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  1. ecorbin1 says:

    hmmmm interesting and i wonder too why men find it more shocking than girls do. xxxx

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