Thank you for judging my life, Mr Taxi Driver.

At £2.20 I was making small talk with the cabbie.  He asked how my night was, what I’d been doing and who I’d been with.  I asked how his night was.

By £4.10 he was asking about my social life, whether I was out with my boyfriend.  ‘No – I don’t have a boyfriend.’

‘Oh, if I could turn back time…’

Awkward stare out the window.

By £6.70 I was saying how I’m only 24, progressing through my career as a teacher and enjoying spending time with my friends.  Then the fare soared (metaphorically, of course).  He ranted on about how being 24 is the perfect age to get married and start a family.

Don’t focus on your career; it should take up 30% of your time and your real life should take up the remaining 70%.

As we approached the end of my road, I was batting off his comments by advocating my housemate-filled life.

At £8.80 he said, ‘housemates are a waste of time’.

I handed him a tenner and waited for my £1 change.  That cab drive definitely cost me more than £9.



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  1. Mrs D says:

    I hope you told him to stop giving out advice if he is so misinformed 😉


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