I’m an optimist, not an idiot.

A month ago:

Great date.  He kissed me before I drove home.  He texted me at bedtime.

A few days later:

I suggested we meet up over the weekend – pre-op.  He couldn’t for decent reasons.

He disappeared for a few weeks; not even one text.

What have I got to lose?  He’s already not messaging.  May as well drop him a message.

Last week:

I received an essay back – he didn’t message for personal reasons.

He suggested meeting over the weekend.

Then silence again.

Earlier this evening:

I have had one date with this guy; I can check-in to see if tonight’s plans are still valid.

I sent a text.

The fun Friday night I had planned this week seemed less and less likely.

A few hours later he replied.

He ‘had to get drunk with [his] manager’ and would rather be ‘chirpy’ when we next meet.

I didn’t reply.

He messaged again.  ‘Home and bored now.’

My housemate told me to invite him over.

‘I’d be a drag.’


Would you please SUGGEST ANOTHER F***ING DAY?  I am feeling more and more like an idiot.

Image from Pexels.




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