Don’t ruin the good guys!

There seem to be very few good guys left in my generation.  My friends and I have spoken about it, and personal experience has proven this to be true .  So when I watched an episode of First Dates over the weekend featuring a girl who had a date with a lovely guy but afterwards said she wanted a ‘bad boy’, I cried inside.  She said she wanted a guy who uses girls, who isn’t interested in her as a person, has loads of other girls on-the-go, but makes her feel special when they’re alone.  It’s fantastic that everyone has different tastes, so everyone has the chance to be with someone if they want to be, but I felt that this lovely man will learn that girls want a ‘fuck-boy’; not a genuinely kind bloke.  And this is what he’ll become.

Please girls, let’s not ruin the good guys.

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  1. Holly says:

    Still searching for Prince Charming too, my sister is one of them that go for bad boys I am more into someone with a big heart and makes my sides hurt from laughing xx


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