A little bit of happy goes a long way.

  1. We had a fun weekend.
  2. I’m feeling capable in my job.
  3. My friends are fabulous.
  4. My family is supportive.
  5. I still haven’t cried over you.
  6. I haven’t heard from you.  How predictable.  How telling.
  7. The summer is starting to fill up with adventures.
  8. Someone is teasing me; giving me hope.  False hope?  Who cares?
  9. My car’s a dream to commute in.
  10. Supporting friends when they need you.
  11. Health’s looking good at the mo.
  12. Chilled music.
  13. I can play poker.
  14. I’ve stopped eating biscuits.
  15. And chocolate.
  16. I can make crackling.
  17. My housemates loved it.
  18. Dinner party plans are a go!
  19. My new sunnies are fresh as fuck.
  20. I’ve completed my ST to-do list.
  21. Making a start on the LT one.
  22. A long-due night out with a friend is coming up.
  23. The house is full of smiles.
  24. I’m a happy bunny.

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