Some girls are adept at bagging the guy.  I’ve never found it particularly easy.

There’s a guy I like.  And I think he likes me too…  (Doesn’t this sound familiar..?)


My experience thus far has taught me that guys in their 20’s do not have their shit together.  So when Mr R came along (at a delightful 9 years my senior) I was optimistic.  We flirted a lot.  There seemed to be a spark.  He ticked so many boxes.  But when seeking advice from mutual friends there seemed to be something fishy going on.

He’s not seeing anyone as such

But I should definitely send him a message asking if he fancies grabbing a drink over the coming week.

So I did.

And I can’t work out if the message back is a polite rejection or vaguely promising.

I know that if it was one of my girlfriends in this situation, she would have already have had a date with Mr R – probably two or three – and sex would be on the cards.

But I am not one of my girlfriends.  I am me.

And this is what happens in my life.


Photo by pooya ramezani on Unsplash

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