5 ways to get guys to respond on Bumble.

I’ve tried nearly all the dating sites/apps out there and Bumble is definitely up there with the best ones.  I’ve successfully managed to talk to guys, convinced them that they wanted to go on a date with me, fallen into bed with them and then whinged to my girlfriends about being ghosted.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in How To Date Men, in fact, this blog is a case-in-point in how little of an expert I am.  However, I’ve worked out a few ways in which I can actually get guys to respond to me, and here they are: (bear in mind that with Bumble, the girl has to talk first, hence why this is all about getting a response).

  1. Be Swipe Happy.  Abuse the judgement feature of this app.  Don’t bother to read people’s bios.  This (rather ridiculously) is too time-consuming; in the past, I’ve found I’ve become hung-up on someone I swiped ‘yes’ to because I liked their photos and bio and I awaited that ‘ping’ of a match, hoping I matched with this guy.  If you match with someone, then read a little more about them and start a conversation…
  2. Start a conversation with EVERYONE you match with.  Out of 20 people you match within a 24 hour period, only about 3 will respond – or is this just me?  To maximise your chances of a response…
  3. Keep it simple.  Contrary to popular opinion, writing a lengthy message to say hello, comment on their photos or their profile and ask them a question seems like a waste of time to me.  It doesn’t guarantee a response.  So far, ‘Hello [insert name here]’ has worked wonders.  And if I’m feeling extra sparky, I’ll add a kiss x.
  4. Bypass all boring chat in the first few messages.  Where do you live?  What do you do for work?  Why are you on Bumble?  Have a giggle, talk shit and discover their [online..?!] personality.
  5. Be flirty, but not outrageous.  A little wink and a suggestive comment get results.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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