To the 20-somethings who can’t get off their phones:

In a world where Millennials are glued to their phones, let’s have a reality check:

Waiting by our phones isn’t achieving what we hoped it would.

Having our phones to hand isn’t making our future love interest call.

Checking Whatsapp isn’t going to prompt them to message.

So let’s put our phones down.  Fortunately, we don’t live in a world where we can ‘un-send’ a message.  The text / Whatsapp / Bumble tone goes off.  And that message or connection will still be there whether you check your phone instantly or later.  Let’s engage with the people around us.  Let’s appreciate our home towns whilst we walk through them for the umpteenth time.  Let’s watch a whole movie without checking into Facebook.  Let’s finish cooking dinner, hoovering the house, blow-drying our hair, replying to emails, tidying our room without checking our phones.

Let’s fill our time with things that make us more interesting people (Polly Vernon reckons this is the ultimate goal, and I totally agree with her).

Why pine after someone you don’t even know?  Why think of ourselves as missing someone when we’re single?  Surely we’re enough?  We have to be enough!  Otherwise, it’ll be a very depressing existence; after all, we’re with ourselves for our entire lives; we’re the ones in our heads all the time.

Let’s keep ourselves busy.  Let’s surround ourselves with people who add value to our lives.  Let’s engage with activities that improve us as individuals.  Let’s spend our free time developing an aspect of ourselves – health, fitness, mental health, happiness, career, a hobby…

Show yourself, and everyone around you, that’s it’s okay to be single.  And you’re owning it.

And if you can’t do that…?

Fake it.

Shhh.  The placebo effect will do the rest.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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