What we’re looking for.


Trying to work out what I want from a relationship has been tricky, and through making mistakes in dating people, I’ve mainly discovered what I don’t want.  But on Saturday night I figured it out with a friend.  What I want is balance.

I want someone who balances with me:

  • They have similar life aspirations
  • They are at the same stage in their life
  • They have similar outlooks for life
  • They have a similar attitude about a social life and maintaining a work / life balance

This follows from another bad date this weekend.  Having spoken for only a handful of days, and seeing only one photo of Mr Fake, I didn’t have my hopes up.  But I can’t complain about being single if I’m not being proactive in pursuing a relationship.  When he approached me at our meeting point, I was a little shocked, he was not this tall, slim, tanned man I was anticipating on meeting.  Quite the opposite.  Not one for being rude, I was polite and chatty and we had a few drinks in Camden Lock, in the lunchtime sunshine.  There was no chemistry.  His kind and intelligent personality sadly didn’t make up for the fact that I felt totally tricked into a meet up.

I discovered he isn’t one for a social life, and work takes up all of his time (and I got the impression this was because he allowed it to, rather than by necessity).  The chat wasn’t my style; it was forced at times and I felt judged for being hungover post-Shoreditch party.  He referred to himself as ‘an old man’.

Ermm… no thanks.

We wouldn’t have worked, even if I felt compelled to try.

Because we weren’t balanced.



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