There’s a flaw with online dating.

Or maybe some flawed people use dating apps to fetch a girl to date and fuck with her.


In our world of social media and dating apps, we all want to present ourselves in the best light.  We put photos up of us having fun, we post silly quips about how hilarious we are with our gorgeous friends and we update our stories whilst we’re sunning ourselves, sipping on a cocktail.

No one ever updates their status with the honesty of feeling down on a Sunday evening, or when all their friends have bailed on a Thursday night.

This wouldn’t get many likes.  Of course, everyone has had times when they’re a little black cloud on a Sunday evening or cried to their mum / best friend/housemate when everyone has cancelled and you’re alone with lasagne and re-runs of First Dates (or is this just me..?)  But whilst we all know everyone deals with the same lows in their week and whilst no one advertises it on social media, we can be left with FOMO (fear of missing out).

The same is true with dating apps; we carefully select 3-5 photos of us that display our personality – do we have an interesting hobby?, that show us looking our best (never on a Sunday morning, hungover in bed post-vomiting in the loo for the 3rd time that morning) and show that we are wonderfully dateable because we are so smiley and popular.

I was shocked when I met a guy the other week who looked NOTHING like his profile picture, save for the fact he was a man and had the same skin colour as the man in his photo.  But that was it.  Yes, we put our best photos up, but they have to be accurate.

I knew, instantly, that there wasn’t going to be a second date.

But, not one to be rude, I walked around Camden with him, finding a decent place for a drink.  He was nice, he tried to be funny.  I was charming.  Sadly, he wasn’t for me.

Maybe the warning sign should have been the SINGLE photo he put up, rather than 3-5, but I was optimistic and he was lovely (and very cool) over our messages.

Regardless, maybe he picked up on my standoffishness because he didn’t message over the next few days, then I deleted him.


Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

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