Can I be optimistic about this one?

We met months ago at a party.  Not through an app, not online, but through mutual friends.  We chatted loads, you had witty things to say, I laughed a lot, my sister found you highly irritating.  But I enjoyed your company.  We spent a lot of the evening snogging.

Staying in London with my sister meant I couldn’t take you home – what a blessing in disguise!  Since that party we have messaged every day, we’ve spoken on the phone a few times and we’ve tried to meet up.  Sadly, we’re both very busy people and it’s been impossible to find a time to go for a drink.  You seem as interested in a date as I do and you’ve said, ‘we’ll definitely find a time this summer to meet’.

God, I hope so.  I don’t want this just to be a texting thing; what a waste of time that would be.

The fact you take 7 hours to reply isn’t helping us formulate a plan.

And I really don’t want to come across as pushy, but I’ll be out of the country soon for the rest of summer, then September will roll around.

We haven’t managed to meet and it’s been 2 months.  Am I being realistic in my optimistic view that we’ll see each other soon?


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  1. DiaryofSeven says:

    It’s always been hard, but it became harder once we could see messages had been sent, delivered and read…..our minds go into overdrive and think the worse because they haven’t responded. Did i say something wrong? Was i too pushy? Did i come across as desperate?
    All those thing were always there, but those blasted blue ticks send us into melt down!

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    1. Definitely. I’d really rather not know if someone has read my message; it would save so much hassle.


      1. DiaryofSeven says:

        You can turn it off and so you can’t see when they are coming and going, but i just don’t wanna see the read part!


      2. That’s it, but somehow I still prefer to whatsapp rather than iMessage or text…maybe I actually like seeing if someone has read my message even though it drives me crazy.


  2. When did meeting people / dating become so hard?

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