A double disappearing act.

I was optimistic.  We had met in real life and I really thought we’d manage to meet up this summer.  But you had plenty of excuses for why you couldn’t do this or that weekend.  And now I haven’t heard from you in a week.


You were attractive and confident.  You seduced me and I was sucked in.  You made me believe you were keen for a second date.  You asked what I wanted to do.  I changed my plans to see you.  By early evening, I hadn’t heard from you so I dropped you a text to confirm.  By 8 o’clock – nothing.  By 10 o’clock – still nothing.  The next afternoon – no word.

Guys, if you’re not interested, please, please, PLEASE, just tell us.  We can take it – I can take it.  I am strong and resilient.  

People deserve that other people be honest.  It is not okay to leave someone guessing.  Rather than ghosting me, just tell me you’re not interested.


I’m so bored of this shitty behaviour.

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