Have a successful date – avoid these 5 habits.

  1. Bullshit – some guys never text or show interest in you, and then when you do meet up, they say how much they missed you…  `
  2. A 15-minute monologue over dinner – please take a moment outside of your head and realise you are talking about yourself, non-stop.  Please ask me questions and actually listen to what I have to say.
  3. Having poor listening skills – don’t then bring the conversation back to yourself before I’ve even finished my sentence.
  4. No one says what they’re thinking – rather than saying, ‘I like you’, or ‘I want to kiss you’, our generation make vague statements and trail off with ‘I don’t know…’
  5. Grammatical and spelling errors – especially in texts and sexts…I really struggle to get turned on when you’re telling me you ‘can’t hardly wait’ to see me and you want to kiss my bobs.

Photo by Matt Mariannelli on Unsplash

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