Please don’t be a Fuckboy.

I seem to have the same conversation with myself at least three times a year.

I may as well cancel this date, he’s bound to be as shit as the rest.

Don’t be silly, just go.  You never know.

Wow, he’s so lovely.  I’m so chuffed I went.  Fingers crossed he’ll text!

Who cares if he does or doesn’t?  You had a great date.  The stream of bad dates has stopped and that’s brilliant.

HE TEXTED!!!  *Dances around the room*.  He had a great time and wants to see me again!  He’s saying lovely things and complimenting me.  

Be wary.  He could be full of shit.

Nah, he’s different.


The second date is better than the first.  He’s texting first and is keen to see me again and again.


I love that he’s keen to talk with me.  

Just watch out.  You’ve offered to get the take-away and he’s asked what wine you have in…  

And he didn’t turn up with a bottle.


He makes me feel special.  He plays with my hair and scratches my back and we have a wonderful night together.


What a night.  God I hope he doesn’t disappear now.

He texts before we begin work.  Phew.  I knew this was different.


Hmmm, now I’m the one texting first.  He’s not texting back as quickly as he used to.  He isn’t asking how I am.

He’s busy with friends.  Just chill.

Oh my god, it’s happened again.  No message, just blue ticks.  I’m such an idiot.  Why did I sleep with him?!

Jesus – it’s been a day.  Get a grip, woman.  And it was the third date and you were both sober, so it’s fine.

But this is how it starts!!

If he was always going to ghost you after sex, he would have whether you slept with him the first date or the fifth.  At least you got some good sex out of him.

He’s messaged!!!!

See, told you he was just busy.

Things seem back to normal.  On Saturday he messages.

Back and forth texting resumes.  But I’m not feeling overly optimistic.  He’s keen to tell me about how he is and what he’s been up to.  He doesn’t ask how I am or suggest a day to meet.

I really can’t see anything wrong with this.  What part makes you think he’s ghosting you?

Says my friend.

She tells me to chill and let things evolve slowly.  She says I shouldn’t put too much pressure on it.

I really want to take this advice and trust my friend.

But I’ve also been ghosted before.  

I think you’re too trusting and can’t read people.

Says my sister.

Maybe.  But then if I can’t trust a guy to not turn into a fuckboy, will I push away the nice one when he eventually comes along?


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  1. So, what happened?!?!

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    1. We had another date 2 weeks ago; a very chilled one at his. He’s not a texter so we rarely talk. I had hoped to see him this weekend but he hosted a party for a friend and when I asked if he’s free any other point this weekend, he said it depends how Saturday goes. I haven’t heard from him since. 2 weeks ago I was hopeful again. This weekend has not been a happy one…


  2. thisblackgurl says:

    My mom always says that men are trash but there’s a small 10% that’s not too bad. So I guess you gotta be hopeful but As i always say they all trash and it’s not worth it. Even the guy good would still turn out to be a fuckboy


    1. I sincerely hope that the few good guys stay that way. My male friends plead with me to keep the faith in men, because they’re not all bad. Let’s try and stay hopeful. X


  3. That sounds like me and my most recent fuckboy. Hey, at least I got some good sex from him!

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