You know you’re getting old when… Guest Blog

My best friend and I had a competition: half an hour to write about being an adult in 2017.

Here’s my entry.

Here’s his entry:

Why is it that, as a grown-up, our most important milestones in life (18, 21, 25 and 30) seem to be fraught with reservations (OMG I’m getting really old, where am I going in life, what have I achieved blah blah blah?) and revelations (OMG being 30 isn’t that bad, I’ve done a pretty good job with my life and actually, it’s the next mile stone that I should be worried about)?

It feels like it was only 20 years ago when I used to look at my parents and be like “I can’t believe they’re so old, driving cars, worrying about bill and not having fun anymore!”  Well, having recently turned 30 I have a newfound appreciation for all these things and now that I am a fully-fledged adult, I’ve got some pretty standard observations that I think it’s about time I shared with the world.

Evidently, through my blog.

You know you’re getting old when…

  • You start to want, and look forward to, the boring Christmas presents your parents used to get giddy about (i.e. a non-stick frying pan)

  • Ironing and cleaning mark the start and end of your weekend.  In my youth, this used to be related to going to play football every Saturday morning and disappearing when the dreaded theme tune to heartbeat came on on a Sunday evening.
  • Buying the weekly food shop becomes less of a shit day out with mum but more of a science to making sure you only buy enough ingredients to last you a week and that they’re all compatible enough to actually create something edible out of them.

Nostalgia becomes more of a feeling than just a word. Especially when you’re at a house party with other 30-somethings who had the same interests as you!

Talking to the younger generation about something you find hilarious but to only find out 7 minutes in they have no idea what Heartbeat is.

Relationships have an underlying sense of ‘is this going to be a lifelong partner rather than being experimental?’

You look at your mates on social media who begin to tick the “Adult M’s” Mortgage, Marriage, Mental breakdowns from the stress of having a marriage and £100,000’s of debt hanging over their head…


Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

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