Ten Tips on Fuck Buddies

  1. Location, location, location.  You’ll never manage to meet up if you live 45 minutes away from one another.

  2. Keep it simple.  Sex at either one of your houses is perfect.  Trying to find someone else for a threesome complicates things.  Asking your buddy to join them at a fetish club is weird.  Simplicity is key.

  3. Don’t think you can change it into a relationship.  If one person starts to develop feelings, it’s time to call it a day.

  4. Fuck buddies should be friends who fuck.  You need to be compatible with one another so you can catch up, have a giggle and it not be awkward afterwards.  You should be able to text each other to check in and see how the other person is doing.

  5. This is causal.  But it still involves 2 people – don’t bail.  If you said you’d go over, go.  If he said he’d come over, he should.

  6. Fancy each other!!  God, this is so important.  This relationship is not built on love.  Just physical attraction.  Love might be blind, but casual sex is not.  Fuck buddies should be having hot sex, so there needs to be passion.  And passion comes from wanting to rip each other’s clothes off.

  7. However, if they remind you of an ex, avoid shagging them.  Feelings will become muggy.

  8. Continue to maintain good grooming hygiene.  But don’t spend all day ‘beautifying’ and spending £35 on a wax.  He’s bound to cancel, turn up drunk or not even notice.  Be your beautiful smooth-legged self, but that blow-dry can wait until next Saturday morning.

  9. Spend equal time going to each other’s houses.  It’s not fair if one person always has to do the laundry and dishwasher loading the next day.

  10. If he’s causing you grief, chuck him.  This is meant to be easy.  If he doesn’t keep your already causal, last-minute plans, leaves you waiting outside his flat or arrives too drunk and smashes your wine glasses, he needs to go.  No amount of sex is worth all that hassle.

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