History repeating itself.

There was instant attraction between the first guy and I.

It happened once, then it happened again,

and again and again.

Love developed (at least on my side).

Sadly, this man had someone else.

Of course she was is a sexy Spaniard – he is was a marvelous Mancunian.

An attraction based on friendship, fuelled by alcohol and cemented at 3am.

The forth guy mirrors the first guy.  It’s copy and paste: the instant attraction, the other girl, the flirtation.  And of course the bonding in the early hours; the bonding in the bedroom.

There’s also the love.

The second guy was nice enough.  Despite being a misogynist, he showed himself to be a good friend in times of need.  And when we both needed more, we got more.  
The third guy pains me with his sexism.  But he has come up trumps when he needed to show his cards.

Am I intentionally making patterns?  Do other people see these patterns in my life?  When will other patterns rear their heads?

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