12 reasons why it’s great to be a (privileged) woman (living in a privileged country) right now! – International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a cheerful post for our special day.

(No upset is intended towards the women who are still fighting for these rights; I can only speak from my experiences).


  1. I worked hard at school, went to Uni, did a post-grad course and now (3 years later) think a career change is in order…and that’s just fine.
  2. How do I get to work?  I drive.  In my own bloody car.

  3. If I happened to be any good at football or rugby, I could join a team.  (Saying that, I’m a crap team player).
  4. I had a say in who runs our country and I had a vote before Brexit began.
  5. I’m 26 and single.  And no one is particularly concerned that I’ve disgraced my family or will end up a spinster.

  6. What about partying and bringing men home to shag cuddle (let’s be honest)?  A-okay.

  7. I haven’t found a man I want to see every single morning, or someone I’d need to show sympathy to when he’s sick.  Also fine.
  8. Wives are not owned by their husbands.  They’re kicking arse in the office every day, and the kids are bathed and dinner is on the table by the time she gets home.
  9. My friends don’t disown me because I like girls, too.  In fact, neither do my parents.
  10. I haven’t found a man who’s good enough to impregnate me, so no babies here yet!
  11. However, if I do get knocked up, I can continue work and then take paid time off whilst I’m waddling around about to pop.
  12. Raising kids?  Probs not a problem; I certainly don’t need a man for that.

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is beautiful.

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