Colours of our lives

Last week I went to India.  I am writing this at 3am on a Monday morning (UK time) because I can’t shift this jet lag, having only landed at 9pm Sunday night.


For me, one of the most striking aspects of the Indian culture is the colour: sarees, spices and holi abir add vibrancy to the dusty landscape, and it’s hard to picture an India that doesn’t have a vivid palette.  I’ve been thinking about colour a lot recently and have begun reading The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair (as it’s quite a bulky book, I had to leave it in the UK).

I’m sure I’ll blog more about colour as I progress through the book – watch this space!

We play about with our camera phones, taking photos in sepia or black and white, and whilst this is fun and can produce some great photos, imagine a world without colour!


Recently, I asked my class how two contrasting paintings made them feel.  I deliberately chose opposing pictures: one by Picasso during his ‘Blue Period’ and one of Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings.  Unsurprisingly, they said the blue one made them feel sad and the yellow one made them feel happy.

Van Gogh
Sunflowers (1888) by Van Gogh
The Tragedy (1903) by Pablo Picasso


(I stumbled across this website about the psychological properties of colours – probably necessary to take it with a pinch of salt, but some interesting ideas).

Of course, colour adds richness to our sense of sight, but we can also depict our life experiences as colours, too.  What if we plotted events in our lives as block colours?  How would the painting of our lives look?  Would they be solemn blues and greys or joyful yellows?  Would they be angry reds or calm creams?  What colour would our relationships be?

My first relationship was definitely a green relationship.  We were happy for years, we were young and grew up together.  By the end, he was more like a brother and although the breakup was sad, after 7 years our love had evolved and it was time to end our relationship.

My next boyfriend was red hot.  There was so much passion, raging arguments and tonnes of love.  There was also risk, so I had to leave.  (Actually, I’ll add some blue and grey to this mix).

The most recent man was blue.  Kind, clever but not for me.

What colour will my next relationship be?

What colours have your relationships been?  Leave a comment.  X




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