Silver linings and straight lines.

Thursday happened and because it’s clear where he stands, I haven’t spent the last 48 hours ruminating and second-guessing what he’s thinking.  A clear line has been drawn under our almost-relationship.  And so, in my constant quest to not be a hypocrite, this post is the last I’ll say on the matter.

My friend texted me yesterday morning to say he’s sorry for what happened with this guy and offered some words of wisdom.

I replied:

I absolutely agree with the positives and it really is a silver lining [that he was honest].  It’s easier for me to draw a line under it and know where he stands and I did thank him for being honest.  Without seeming like a little black cloud, it’s just a bit shit that it’s another guy.  And I know there’s all the talk about meeting him on a dating app, not IRL and dating friends of friends is best, but that doesn’t really help matters.  I’ve asked friends if they have single friends and they don’t, so dating apps are the only other option – aside from going out to increase exposure etc, which I do.

Dating apps have ruined love and relationships I feel.  It’s too easy to be a jerk (both boys and girls) and the fact we have all the lexicon around ghosting, gas lighting, fuck buddies, friends with benefits (etc etc) speaks volumes of how convoluted modern dating really is.  And because sex is so available, there isn’t that need for intimacy before sex.

Oh, Christ, that was an essay.  Thanks for understanding xx


He said: ‘You should repost that as a blog’.


Photo by Jason Kocheran on Unsplash

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