Food for Friends for One.

Front of house: ‘Hello Darling.  How many of you are there?’

Me: ‘Just me.  A table for one, please.’

Front of house: ‘I’ll be one moment; I’ll get a good table for you.’


Friends, families and couples.  And me and my Le Debut.

Today I’ll fall in love in love with mirin tofu and crispy fries.  I’ll befriend Chambord and vodka and be at home with my writing.  I can be lost in my book or lose myself through my biro.  

Food For Friends


Out of the window, I can’t see a solo soul.  Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough?

Ah ha!  There’s one!  Oh no – there’s his girlfriend he graces with a reunion kiss.


My days seem filled with thoughts.  My evenings filled with words.  In the daytime, I use my feet and my intuition, in the evenings I use my words and lose my inhibitions.  I can fill my time with solitary pursuits but that will only serve to make me insular.  Instead, I endeavour to find a passion: a passion that doesn’t involve cocktails and 2am mistakes.

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