What it feels like when I need to write.

Like all bloggers, I have a life away from my Mac.  Of course I do; it’s this life that fuels my blog.  At times, life is hectic and I can’t find the time to write, at other times, I sit at my Mac for an hour, willing my fingers to get to work.

And then there are times when I have a compelling urge to write.  Maybe something has happened and I need to blog about it (most of my writing) or maybe I’ve been inspired after reading a great article, or stumbling upon a columnist (on this occasion I’ve discovered Hannah Betts – yes, I’m probably a bit late to this party).

I know I need to write because my Mac is open, and my phone is in one hand – I’m Googling the columnist, finding them on Instagram, braving Twitter (I’ve only just signed up and I’m trying not to hate it), plugging in key words to WordPress and maybe even finding an episode of ‘First Dates’ I am yet to watch.  And there’s a visceral reaction too – it feels like adrenaline and my mind is muddled.

I scroll through my ‘blog’ notes page on my phone, seeing if I can link ideas (whilst also hoping to get a kick out of deleting something from my ‘To-do’ list).  I know I’m revved up for writing when I can bosh out a post in 20 minutes.

I’ll admit that a 20-minute post is not always my best, but does a blog need to always consist of top-quality writing?  I’d argue no.

It’s times like these that writing is the most fun and rewarding.  I decided early on when I started this blog that I wouldn’t have a writing schedule; I didn’t want to reduce the enjoyment of blogging by making it something I had to do.  I don’t feel guilt when I haven’t blogged for ages, because I know something will get me going soon and I’ll sit down to write.

What gets you excited to write and how does it feel when you just need to write?


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