On being single…

Like most single girls in their 20s, I fluctuate between loving being single (saying I am totally independent, I don’t need a man, I want someone who wants me back and who deserves me) and crying to my mum saying no one loves me and I’m destined to be single forever. And clearly my sister has noticed this. She told me to follow insta.single on Instagram and oh my god I’m glad I did. It’s hysterical. Talk about realising you’re not the only single one in the boat!!

One post she sent me and said, ‘this is you’:

Who else does this?

I take absolutely no credit for the featured image or the embedded image. This is a screenshot from insta.single.

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  1. thisblackgurl says:

    This is too relatable! We just at that age where we want it but also don’t want it. But we want it!


    1. Such a funny Instagram account. X

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