Everything I know about love and sex now I’m 26. Part 2/2

Inspired by Dolly Alderton in her book, ‘Everything I know about love’. 

See Part 1/2 here.

Nice guys are hard to come by.

If you spend the entirety of your teenage years in ONE long-term committed relationship by the time you turn 21, you won’t know how to talk to a boy you like, flirt, or know what it’s like to have sex with another man.  You’ll think you know everything there is to know about sex, but you don’t.

When you find yourself single, everyone else will be shacking up with partners because they will have had their dodgy teenage years and found a decent bloke.

If you sleep with someone on a first date, you won’t prove to him you’re not a prude and actually really cool and sexy.  And he won’t stay.

You cannot make someone fall in love with you.

You won’t necessarily love the people who fall for you.

It’s never easy to dump someone.

It’s never nice being dumped.

Blind dates through dating apps are torture in disguise.

Friends don’t want to talk about sex anymore.

Friends don’t want to hear when you’re sad, lonely and depressed.

Your sisters are some of the best people to give you dating advice because they know all your flaws and charms.

Getting drunk and flirting outrageously with friends’ partners is NEVER a good idea.

Drinking 3 bottles of wine and going to a random guy’s house for sex and drugs does NOT show him you’re edgy.  It shows him you are desperate and don’t respect yourself.

Shave your legs and Immac your vag for you.  If you do it in anticipation of a hot weekend, you are bound to be disappointed on Sunday night when it’s gone to waste because no one has appreciated it.

Some people have loads of luck with dating.  It’s not a reflection of your qualities.

Some people will still brag about their relationship on social media.  Try and ignore them.

If a behaviour isn’t working, change it.

If you can’t change it yourself, get help.  Consider paying a therapist to help you sort yourself out and move forward.

If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are.

People will ALWAYS say that love happens when you least expect it.  Try and heed this advice and stop looking for love.

Confidence has got to come from within; you cannot rely on someone else for your happiness.

You can’t convince an addict to love you more than their vice.  The substance will always come first.

Fuck buddies only work when you’re both on the same page.

Spend your time working on yourself, doing things you enjoy.  That way, you’ll be smiling and occupied and your love for life will attract the right person for you.


Photo by Timur Kozmenko on Unsplash


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  1. The V Pub says:

    “Some people will still brag about their relationship on social media.” And a lot of it is a fairy tale. I loved both segments today!


    1. Yes absolutely! It’s so easy to forget that online life is filtered life. Thanks for the support!

      Liked by 1 person

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