How to Survive…School Reunions

School reunions – survival 101

  1. Be charming to everyone, even the person who said bitchy things about you behind your back ten years ago.  
  2. Don’t drink too much.  The school days are over and you don’t want to make a tit of yourself when you ought to be older and wiser.
  3. Don’t lie – if you’re not close with anyone at the reunion, it’s likely someone knows someone you’re still friends with – and with social media, it is very likely that these lies will come and bite you.
  4. If possible, make sure you know someone who is going.  If conversation dies out after 20 minutes of small-talk with old, old friends, it’s nice to chat with someone you’re close with when it goes quiet.
  5. Don’t bitch about old classmates or teachers; you don’t know who is still friends or has reconnected over the years.
  6. Remember that your path is different from that of others.  Not everyone will be married, those who are married might have struggled with a career and those with fancy lives jet-setting around the world might be deeply lonely.  Be friendly, remain sensitive to the situations of others and remember you are where you need to be right now.

If you have any of your own top tips, please comment.

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