Radio Silence…

My lovely readers,

I apologise for the radio silence. A while ago, I mentioned that I’m adapting my blogs into a book and for the past few months, I’ve been going over my old blog posts and editing them and trying to put the posts into a coherent format. However, that’s not the only reason for the silence. As I think I have said before, my job is one that necessitates keeping this blog anonymous (which is why it means so much when people find this blog and follow it), yet over the summer, I left that career path to pursue a career in publishing.

For the past month, I’ve continued with the job hunt, had work experience and placements at various publishing houses and really got a taste for what this new career will be like (an absolute dream!)

Being surrounded by books and creative people has made me desperate to write. But with job pressures and Christmas, I haven’t managed to find the time, and now we’re nearing the end of January!

And yet, there has also been a reason I’ve been reluctant to open up my Mac. I have met someone, let’s call him ‘A’. I met him a few months ago, but I’ve been terrified to talk about this new man because I have very bad luck when it comes to relationships.

And so – I finally feel that A isn’t going to ghost me, he isn’t a drug addict or an alcoholic and we’re on the same page. And now I can share our story…

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