Working Bookstack

My working bookstack:

Working Bookstack September 2019.JPG

These are the books currently informing my writing.  Some have been in the stack for years (the wrong knickers, milk and honey, the sun and her flowers) because they provide new inspiration on each opening.  Others are added to my over-flowing bookshelves once I’ve worked through my annotations (e.g. Polly Vernon’s ‘Hot Feminist’, Jessica Valenti’s ‘Sex Object’ and ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham – to name but a few).

Do you fold down corners and scrawl notes across the pages?  Or do you keep your books as pristine as the day you bought them?

What’s in your working bookstack?

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  1. emcmyoga says:

    Lots at the moment. And I write and post it and make all kinds of mess xxx

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