The Music of Love

Music can evoke different emotions; it can make us feel connected with people.  It can bring back memories.

Can we map a piece of music or a genre of music onto our relationships?  

A while ago, I wrote about the colours of our relationships.  Now, I’m wondering about the music of our lovers.  

Over Christmas and New Year, music is always playing in our house.  Cheesy pop Christmas songs get us in the festive spirit, Christmas Carols set the tone for a traditional Christmas morning and house music fits perfectly with our boozy evenings.  And this is just the music with family, over Christmas.  New Years is often a time we spend with friends; some of us exclusively befriend people with similar music tastes; others prefer a more diverse group, and some of us find love in musical spaces. 

Could we choose a piece of music as the backdrop to our relationships?  Would the tune and the melody change over the course of our romance and how would the playlist evolve across our different relationships?

I feel its almost a right of passage to have a teenage relationship full of angst and deafened by loud music.  Certainly, heavy metal and ‘screamy emo’ music characterised my first, long-term relationship.  He was a drummer in a band, had a four-studded belt, and had short, spiky hair, then long (awful) hair, then fashioned it into a red-tipped mohawk.  Nearly ten years after we have broken up, I still can’t listen to certain bands without thinking of this man.

My second relationship was full of fun.  We met at a party; high on E and dance music.  The entirety of our (fairly short) relationship had the ‘boom, boom’ beat of house and dance music.  

The third relationship was very short; we were hardly a couple; more like dating.  We shared a love for dance and house music and still remain good friends; frequently sending each other ‘Shazams’.

My current relationship is similar to my first.  ‘A’ is into heavy rock music.  We try to share music, but we have very different tastes.  Often, we find ourselves reverting to early-noughties classics we both feel nostalgic about.  And whilst we tolerate each other’s music, we can’t pretend we enjoy it.

And so I’m left wondering what music will chart this relationship?  


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.


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  1. emcmyoga says:

    Yes and yes. Music conjures up so much for me. X

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