What Does Your Bedside Table Say About You? Part 1 of 2.

I’ve always been fascinated by sneaking glimpses of people’s private lives.  Seeing what a woman pulls out of her handbag at a cafe, stealing a glance at someone’s To-Do list, hearing a private conversation in a public place… I’ll often find myself imagining the minutiae of their little worlds; their stresses, their passions and what they’re thinking about right now.  Maybe it’s because I’m constantly thinking about what I have done, what I have to do next and how I’m going to find time to do all one-thousand jobs on my To-Do list that day.  (My life is more list-driven than I care to admit.)

Of course, our bedrooms tell us a lot about a person.  The existence (or non-existence) of ‘The Chair’ can tell us how tidy and organised a person is and fixed features and fleeting objects on a vanity unit or bedside table can hint at current moods and transient interests.  As a keen bibliophile, a while ago I blogged about the secrets a bookshelf can give away as I noticed I tend to be drawn towards stacks or rows of books in people’s homes.  I wonder if a bedside table is more telling?  We curate the contents of our bookshelves and often we’ll dispose of books we haven’t enjoyed.  Some of our favourite books might be missing due to lending them out to friends.

Our bedside tables are in constant flux.  For me, my bedside table is adorned with mugs of various teas in the morning and evenings.  And despite every effort to remain minimalist and keep my bedroom tidy (I often succeed), my bedside table has now become an additional place to store books.

Here’s my beside table from this morning (no styling went into the making of this image).

If you can think of the bedside-table-equivalent of a ‘shelfie’, comment below!



  • Books, books, books:
    • The pile under the drawer is one of the many over-spill piles from my bursting bookshelf.
    • I’m currently reading ‘Belonging’ and ‘Psychopaths and Savages’ (‘Belonging’ has been on my bedside table for a while as I’m finding it deeply boring).
    • A TBR pile that’s now blocking my heels and handbags cupboard!
  • Pens, pencils and post-it notes for constant list-making.
  • A receipt from a pricey dinner with ‘1,000 … 2,500’ and ‘”Good day 3,000-3,500 words/day”‘ written on it from listening to the ‘Writer’s Routine‘ podcast.  I’m hoping the act of listening to how other writers wrote their books will propel me into actually writing the flipping thing.
  • A nod to my love for pigs.
  • My darling Grandpa (who is still very much alive).  I also note the irony of being ‘The Anonymous Feminist’ whilst simultaneously having a photo of me up!  When I started this blog 6 years ago, I wanted the blog to be anonymous and only last November have I shared it with friends, family etc. because of my new career path.


For those of you who are interested (probably very few of you), here’s my TBR pile:


Before and After the Book Deal – Courtney Maum

Us – David Nicholls

Pachinko – Min Jin Lee

The Uninhabitable Earth – David Wallace-Wells

The Miseducation of Cameron Post – Emily M. Danforth

21 Lessons – Harari

Stonemouth – Iain Banks

What we’re Told not to Talk About – Nimko Ali

Uncommon Type – Tom Hanks

The Iron Bird – Robert Woodshaw

Don’t Hold My Head Down – Lucy-Anne Holmes

The Nanny – Gilly Macmillan

Becoming – Michelle Obama

The Testaments – Margaret Atwood

I’d love to see your bedside tables (to feature in Part 2).

Please email me at:


Part 2 can be found here.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. emcmyoga says:

    mines a little more sparse as I only recently did a declutter as it was overloaded with yoga books haha


    1. I’m excited to share your image. Thanks Emma!


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