28 things that make me happy

  1. Crossing everything off my To-Do list
  2. Making a new recipe and it turning out to be delicious
  3. Spending time with friends/boyfriend/family
  4. Writing
  5. Having a clean and tidy house – especially the kitchen!
  6. Posting a blog post
  7. Finishing a book
  8. That clean, moisturised feeling after a shower or a relaxing bath
  9. Hearing the rain on my windows when I’m warm in my room
  10. Walking into Waterstones
  11. Positive feedback at work
  12. Lazy Sundays
  13. Organising cupboards and drawers
  14. Being surrounded by books
  15. Driving fast on a clear road on a sunny day
  16. Having a warming cup of tea after I’ve been out in the cold rain
  17. Warm, sunny days
  18. When I have a really good hair day!
  19. Splashing in puddles
  20. Having a relaxing bath
  22. Being in bed with clean, ironed sheets that still smell of washing detergent
  23. Reading a good book, in the sunshine
  24. Reading on the stairs
  25. Listening to my favourite songs
  26. Surprises in the mail
  27. Babies, bunnies and puppies
  28. Freshly baked bread


What makes you happy?  Comment below.

See my post on Ordinary Joys here.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

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