Love and Lust in Lockdown: Time for one another.

Lockdown has got many of us feeling hot under the collar and frisky between the sheets.  To find out how lockdown has impacted our love and lusting, I’m getting intimate with interviews.


Anon Female, 28.

What is your relationship status? ​

Long term relationship.  (7 years).


Describe your love-life in one word.



Who have you been quarantining with? ​

My boyfriend.


Has the lockdown impacted your sex life, if so – how?

​Initially, lockdown helped my sex life to improve.  (The combination of fear and being together all the time helped us get more in sync – and we had more time for each other.). Now, we’re back to normal: once every two weeks – or thereabouts.


Have any of your desires/fantasies changed during the lockdown? ​

No, but I’ve struggled with feeling sexy and it’s been hard to get ‘in the zone’.  Probably because of a bit of lockdown weight-gain combined with a lack of waxer/beautician appointments and no hair cuts etc.


Describe your lockdown experience in three words. ​

Familiar, spontaneous, great.


What have you missed the most about ‘normal life’? ​

The ability to feel confident and my appearance.  Also, job uncertainty has made me feel less confident and increased my stress.  I miss my independence but am thankful that my boyfriend and I have been in lockdown together and have spent some time with one another without distractions or excuses.


What coping mechanisms have you adopted during the lockdown?

​I’ve been trying to enforce a routine with work, learning a new skill (Swedish), reading and exercise.  Also, I’ve generally been drinking more often than I used to, but less heavily if that makes sense?  We have both also fallen into a routine of coming together in the evening to talk about our day/watch a tv show together – we did this before, but now with fewer distractions, I’m finding these are the best part of my day.


Has the pandemic changed the way you approach love and romantic relationships?​

It’s showcased how important it is to make time for each other, but also independent time to appreciate one another.


What are your hopes for love after lockdown?

​Generally, it’s made me feel more confident in our relationship, I feel more committed than before to my boyfriend and very content with our relationship.


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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