Love and Lust in Lockdown – Whole Series

Old followers will know I’ve been writing for years; new followers will soon realise I have tonnes of posts about love, lust and loss.  Whilst most of my posts come from personal lived experiences, it’s an absolute joy when others are happy (or at least willing) to feature in my blog.

So thank you to the 14 people who laid everything bare and answered my questions about Love and Lust in Lockdown.  It’s been eye-opening and endearing.

To see the whole series, follow these links (can you guess which is mine?):

  1. A Travelling Man
  2. Time for One Another
  3. Affairs of the Heart
  4. Adventures to Cum
  5. A Turn of Events
  6. Should I Start Looking?
  7. Discovering the Magic
  8. The Global Yogi
  9. A Newfound Love
  10. Man and his Best Friends
  11. Filthy Adventures for the Future
  12. Growing Roots
  13. An Education
  14. Day by Day
  15. Self-improvement.

Image by Ka Young Seo from Pixabay



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