Top 100 Sex Blogs 2020

Molly Moore at Molly’s Daily Kiss has announced the nominations are open for the Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2020.

Over the years, I’ve found these lists (here is 2019’s) an invaluable resource to connect with other sex bloggers and to engage with, and continue, the conversations which permeate our community. And whilst I don’t blog as frequently as some of my fellow bloggers (WordPress notifies me of new blog posts every 10 minutes, I reckon), I’ve had one hell of a great year writing.

Regular readers will know that a few years ago, I left teaching to pursue my love for writing – this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Fuelled by my love for writing about sex, dating and relationships (a love affair that has lasted a full nine years – far more than any previous relationship!) I’ve found opportunities to supplement my weekly LinkedIn articles about teaching, learning and business consultancy (for my regular employer, rather than freelance). Although 2020 has been a horrific year in so many ways, for so many people, I’ve been lucky to have cast my writing net and scooped up jobs that continue to challenge my writing as a means to develop. I’ve been writing saucy scripts for Emjoy (the sexual wellness and audio-erotica app) and have recently secured a gig in the States – remotely, of course – to write sex-ed content for a company spearheading the sex-ed revolution.

And it’s the sex-ed that gets me going the most. Sharing stories of disastrous dates is amusing, and my blog is full of them, but to feel I’ve educated and (hopefully!) played a small part in reducing the shame and stigma around sex is magical. Ever since I started writing, I’ve always maintained that I write for myself and if even one person gets something out of my writing, that’s enough. It’s the same with sex-ed writing – if one person, somewhere in the world learns that they are not alone in fancying their best friend, they aren’t the only one who started watching porn very young, and that other people engage in kinky sex, then that’s amazing. (To find out more about why I write about sex, follow this link.)

It’s the long-form articles that I’ve had the most fun writing. Taking the time to research, evaluate and articulate different aspects of sex has been so much fun. My favourite article (and yours, apparently as it’s my top post) is one of my articles about domination and submission. Other popular posts include Kink in Quarantine and Sub Space House (an interview I did with the owners of a BDSM club for swingers).

Lockdown also meant I had the time to expand the voices on my blog. My Guest Blogs section is crammed with voices from around the world. People from different backgrounds have written about their experiences in dating and I’ve interviewed individuals and Love and Lust in Lockdown as well as members of the kink and BDSM communities. Moving forwards, I’m keen to house more diverse voices – so if you have a story you want to be told, Get In Touch!

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog this year, please could I ask you to consider nominating me? Either way, I’m excited to read the final list once the nominations are in and the results are drawn!

(Image from Molly’s Daily Kiss.)

You make your nominations in the comments [on this blog post] or you can email them directly to Please mark the subject line with ‘2020 Nominations’. Please feel free to return and make as many nominations as you wish.  Nominations will run until the 1st of November 2020 which should give people plenty of time. That will give [Molly] November to do all the reading etc with the aim of publishing the list in the first week of December 2020.

From Molly (at Molly’s Daily Kiss).

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