Sex Podcasts

There’s a podcast for everything, meaning, there’s a podcast for everyone. And although I’m no longer driving to work each day (and therefore don’t listen to podcasts as much as I used to), I still try and catch up on my favourite ones.

Some are hilarious, others inspiring, and some spark an idea for a blog post.

Here are my Top 5 sex podcasts. How many have you listened to?

1) Good Sex/Bad Sex

Miranda Kane and Bibi Lynch present this show with constant laughs. Serious topics (erectile dysfunction) are kept lighthearted (don’t shoot your load too quickly) and there’s an interesting array of guests.

2) Let’s Talk About Sex, Jamie

I found out about this podcast when I connected with Jamie on Feeld in Lockdown 1. He’s open about his past sex addiction and each show is as candid as the next. No holds holes barred.

3) Doing It! with Hannah Witton

Hannah’s podcasts boast an impressive collection of guests talking about all manner of topics related to sex, relationships, dating and bodies. One of the best podcasts for sex education.

4) Skirt Club Diaries

As Ambassador for Skirt Club, it’d be rude not to include this delightful podcast. The Founder and CEO of Skirt Club, Genevieve LeJeune speaks with members about their journey of sexuality and what bought them to Skirt Club.

5) Cosmopolitan’s All The Way With…

Paisley Gilmour and Laura Capon talk about all the topics you’d expect to read in Cosmo; expect relationship chat, sex talk and how to cope with the single life. Topics include tantric sex, squirting, cheating etc. The episodes are fun, easy to listen to and Paisley and Laura ask all the questions you’re thinking.

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

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