Acronyms on Dating Sites: What Do They Mean?

So you’ve downloaded the app. You’re ready to line some dates up for this post-lockdown life. He looks nice and her profile seems genuine but what are all those letter combinations?!

Over the years, I’ve been on plenty of dating sites. Some to find a partner, other times for casual experiences, and I’ve noticed there seems to be no pattern as to the kind of apps that attract blank-canvas profiles and those that call for an essay. On every, single app you will have hundreds (thousands?!) of profiles that give away nothing. You’ll also find fewer (but still many) profiles that tell you their owner’s life story. And you’ll definitely spot plenty of acronyms that can tell you a lot about the person. Understanding the acronyms on dating sites can be the difference between a successful match and a disaster.

What do acronyms on dating sites mean? I’m here to tell you.

B&D: Bondage & Discipline or Bondage & Domination (we’re the fun lot)

BBC: Big Black Cock (does he really? He might be affiliated with a certain broadcaster – best to check)

BDSM: Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission or Sadism & Masochism (we’re the really fun lot)

CFNM: Clothed female, naked male (warm for the woman, chilly for the man; a power-play of sorts)

CNC: Consensual Non-Consent (when you agree that ‘no’ really means ‘yes’)

DDF: Drug- and Disease-Free (squeaky-clean, could be a kill-joy)

DDlg: Daddy Dom, little girl (Daddy issues, anyone?)

DFK: Deep French Kissing (snogging)

D/s: Dominance and submission (power play)

ENM: Ethically Non-Monogamous (the person whose profile this belongs may be in an open relationship, but that’s no guarantee their partner also agrees with non-monogamy)

FWB: Friends With Benefits (shagging, chilling with a pint, watching TV – different to casual hook-ups and fuck buddies; you have to be friends first)

GGG: Good, Giving, Game (as my housemate pointed out: shouldn’t everyone be GGG? But, alas, I’ve found people promise to be GGG but are in fact CSE (Crap, Selfish, Eager – I made this up, perhaps it should stick))

Any variation of MF, MMF, FMF, FFM (M for male, F for female): describes the constellation of individuals in group dynamics

ONS: One-Night Stands (shag and go, maybe after sleeping)

TG, KK, KV, CB: These are fetish clubs; Torture Garden, Killing Kittens, Klub Verboten and Crossbreed

420-Friendly: uses cannabis or doesn’t mind partners using cannabis (420-friendly can be a euphemism for ‘stoner’ – proceed with caution)

We’re all familiar with hetero-, homo- and bisexual, but what about the other sexualities?

Demisexual: Sexual attraction is usually felt only after they’ve formed a strong emotional bond with someone

Gynosexual: Being attracted to femininity

Pansexual: Attraction to people regardless of their sexuality or gender

And something that really got me thinking:

Two-Spirit: Someone born in one gender takes on the roles and identity traditionally associated with the opposite sex

Are there any other acronyms you’ve seen on dating sites? Comment below!

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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