Holly Field Writes – Something a Little Different

Hello Followers, old and new!

Many of you are fellow bloggers; perhaps you’re blogging as a hobby or you’re sustaining a living from it. Those who read my blog posts will likely realise that this blog is a hobby for me. But it’s also a place I share commissioned content, providing I’ve added a clause in my contract!

In the past, I’ve briefly written about my former career as a teacher and the career change into writing and editing. Three years on, I now make a living from producing content for other companies.

So that’s why I decided to start a newsletter to share tips and advice on how to become a better writer and editor. Rather than attach a newsletter function to this blog (which is primarily a sex blog), I embedded it into my professional website: Holly Field Writes.com.

If you’re looking to improve your writing, whether that’s how to write about sex in a way that won’t make readers cringe, how to capture an audience’s attention or how to write snappier articles – and so much more – then sign up to my newsletter on the homepage.

If you’re wanting to develop your editing skills; learn how to edit beyond spelling and grammar and understand how to cut another author’s content whilst remaining true to their voice, you’ll also find my newsletter helpful.

I PROMISE not to spam your inbox. You’ll receive a welcome email and then an email every few months. And I’m always open to ideas for the content you want to read, so drop me a message on my HFW site or here, on my blog.

Finally, if you, or someone you know, is looking to hire a Writer, an Editor or a Content Creator, then check out my packages on my website.

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