A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Since I started dating at 14 years old, I’ve spent more Valentine’s Days single than coupled. I used to dread Valentine’s Day (“full of smug, happy couples,” as Bridget Jones might say) – it was a stark reminder that I was single, all alone, with no one to love and be loved by…

But I got through it (as we so often do). And I’ve learnt a fair bit in the last 16 years, so here’s your Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day.

  • It’s just another day. If it falls on a weekday, enjoy having an excuse to stay in and catch up on TV, some reading, life admin. If it falls on the weekend, this feels a bit trickier (as does the weekend closest to V Day). Rally some single friends, get out of the house if your housemate is having a romantic evening with their partner, immerse yourself in something fun.
  • Don’t get swipe-happy on dating apps. Sadly, it looks a bit desperate.
  • If you’re feeling low, dress up in your favourite outfit, do your hair and your make-up. But a word of warning: this can backfire; you’ll probably want to go out and if you can’t find anyone to join you, you could end up feeling worse.
  • Take yourself out for brunch, lunch, a drink or dinner – NOT on V Day – but some other time in February. Bring a book or just enjoy watching the world go by.
  • Send a love letter to a family member or a friend. Sign it; guessing who a Valentine’s card is from is only fun at school.
  • If the house is all yours, cook yourself your favourite meal or try a new recipe. Bear in mind your coupled housemate probably won’t appreciate you clattering and banging around in the kitchen whilst they’re in the throes of passion. Don’t be bitter and piss off loved-up friends.
  • Buy yourself that lingerie set or a sex toy you’ve had your eyes on for ages. (There’ll likely be Valentine’s Day sales.)
  • So many guides recommend a spa day, buying loads of chocolate, watching chic flicks. If this is your vibe, crack on, but it feels painfully cliched to me.
  • If it all feels a bit much, go to bed, put on your favourite movie and look forward to the next morning.

I’d love to read your top tips for surviving Valentine’s Day – comment below.

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

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