5 ways to get guys to respond on Bumble.

I wrote this five years ago… Considering I’m still on Bumble (and Googled this exact question this morning), I thought I should update the post.

I’ve tried nearly all the dating sites and apps out there and Bumble is probably one of the best dating apps.  I’ve successfully managed to talk to guys, convinced them that they wanted to go on a date with me, fallen into bed with them and then whinged to my girlfriends about being ghosted.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in How To Date Men, in fact, this blog is a case-in-point in how little of an expert I am.  However, I’ve worked out a few ways in which I can actually get guys to respond on Bumble (this post is all about getting a response as, on Bumble,  the woman has to send the first message).

  1. Be Swipe-Happy.  Revel in the judgemental nature of this app. A glance at a person’s bio should suffice; spending ages analysing each word and rogue comma are too time-consuming – you might not match and he might not reply. Once you match, then you can read a little more about them and start a conversation…
  2. Start a conversation with EVERYONE you match with.  Say you match with 20 people over 24 hours, only around 3 of those people will respond (or is this just me?!) To increase your chances of a response, speak with everyone. Sadly, we all know online dating is a numbers game.
  3. Keep it simple. Sometimes, a lengthy response pays off, other times, you’ve spent 5 minutes crafting a message only to be ignored for the next 24 hours. Acknowledge their photos or their bio: have you visited somewhere they have? Do you also have a penchant for eating pistachios on the park bench and watching the world go by? Enjoy connecting over shared interests.
  4. Bypass all boring chatter in the first few messages. Online dating can be tedious – don’t be the person who asks what they do for a living, where they live and what they did over the weekend. Sure, these things are important, but keep early messages light to see if you have a connection.
  5. Be flirty, but not outrageous. A little wink and a suggestive comment get results. Remember, early messages should be light and breezy.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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