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Do you need impactful website copy, a punchy article or a brand story or profile written?

Over the years I’ve written:

  • website copy for external parties that enhances SEO
  • countless blogs and articles
  • profile write-ups of CEOs, Gamification Specialists, Social Media Managers, Tattoo Artists, and more…

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a sex and dating blog but happen to know someone who needs an ex-teacher to map their curriculum or produce resources…

Or maybe you’re looking for someone to ghostwrite your book?

Or it might be that you just want a human spellchecker or someone trained in Deep Editing.

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What People Say

I loved it in a really deep way. Seriously. I really, really loved it.

reader re: Kink post.

This is one of your most #powerful #articles to date – it really hits home with where #tech and #kids of today / tomorrow are! And, as importantly, where we need to be to bridge the gap and keep up!

CEO of an EdTech company re: EdTech for the iGeneration article.

I love this! You really capture what it is to be a writer.

content writer for EdSurge re: On Writing article.

What a superb article… I am blown away by your writing, you are really gifted. It is perfect. Very friendly and empathetic tone transpires. I am so impressed. Thank you.

MD of a digital teaching tool re: PAGS for Teachers article.

Brilliant article. Having a former schoolteacher guiding parents through this time is priceless.

parent re: communicating Boris’ lockdown speech for children article.

I think that’s far better and more understandable than the version Boris gave to the mummies and daddies…. Wish you’d written that speech too.

parent re: communicating Boris’ lockdown speech for children article.

The thing I love about your blogs is they always put me deep in thought about how I think on whatever topic you’re writing about. Great work as always!

reader re: Desire post.

Let’s create something together.