Tinder’s Getting an Upgrade – Will the Paid Version be Worth It?

The creators of Tinder have announced they are introducing a paid premium version of the quick and free dating app. The new upgrade will allow you to undo an accidental swipe left and expand your search distance beyond 100 miles (read more here).

But I’m not convinced about how useful these features will be. Surely the “undo” button will only be useful for those who swiftly swipe left then mutter “dammit”? Is it helpful expanding a dating radius to over 100 miles? Will you ever meet? The likely cost is going to be anything between 60p – £12.50 a month – a far cry from £20 a month for Match.com. But as far as I’m aware, paid sites don’t attract a better calibre of Singleton, so I have little hope for the paid upgrade. Yet, as Cosmo says, it’s no surprise Tinder is moving to a freemium model; it’s such a popular app, and more and more people I know are saying they met their partner on Tinder.

A few nights ago I decided I would try to shake things up on Tinder. Bored with the inevitable silence, I got swiping. With the relative anonymity of online dating, I found myself starting a conversation with strangers in a similar fashion to how I’d chat to a good friend (“Hey hey, good looking).

It worked. My match is a good-looking bloke and doesn’t seem put off by my over-friendly message (i.e. he replied). We shall see if there is more than the usual small-talk back and forth.

Another guy seemed nice enough; we were chatting for an hour or so, flirty small-talk (is there such a thing?!), then he suddenly said we should go for drinks and have sex. Very honest – maybe a little forward. And I can’t work out if this is worse than total silence…

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.

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